Jul 8, 2009


Been a while since I popped in here... which means I’ve forgotten how to post a photo’(!) Been trying for half an hour…. Hang on.

No, still not working.

All right then, I’ll describe the photograph in question:


Looks a bit like the entrance to one of those ‘Dark Forests of Death’ fairy tales, so popular in children’s stories (and guaranteed to instil night terrors and bed-wetting, right up until puberty – and maybe beyond!).

Actually, it is a snapshot I took recently (since Menorca) of the dense and eerily quiet woods, that border my eldest daughter’s and son-in-law’s back garden, in the highlands of Scotland – and with nothing beyond them but the mountains, that reach right up to the North Atlantic coast.
But enough of this babbling! That confusing array of image buttons on the blog ‘dashboard’ awaits…and I wish I wasn’t so scared of them! This is ridiculous. Why can’t I remember what they all do? And if I click the wrong one, what is the worst that can happen? Crash the computer? (cynical laughter). Been there, done that! No, but I might lose the photo forever, or maybe accidentally delete the whole blog instead...

Oh what the heck - here goes…!

Hoch aye, it finally worked - and all this writing seems a bit daft now, since the photo is the first thing you see. I thought it was going to appear at the bottom of the post!!!


Kate said...

Cynical Laughter? from you Geri? you surprise me!!!

Grannymar said...

It had a real winter gloom look to it alright. Take the blogging slowly and it will all come back - a bit like riding a bicycle

Geri Atric said...

Kate ~ Oh yes, it has been known! Haven't quite perfected the slight sneer that's supposed to go with it though, keep getting my top lip stuck on a tooth. But I do have a useful mobile eyebrow, for expressing disdain! (Mostly at the stuck lip..)

Grannymar ~ Do you think the 'wee folk' in that wood have put a spell on me? I'm sure I've never been as technologically bad as this before!
Actually, the last time I rode my bike was 1999 just before I got knocked off it and broke my hand..! But that aside, you are right. Practice! Still got loads more photos to transfer from camara to computer (groan).

steph said...

Welcome back, Geri

I'm a bit like you at the moment as I'm working from a very old laptop and having to tread carefully as my worst fear is that the whole thing will 'crash' on me. This is my lifeline to normality!

Happy Highlanding!


Geri Atric said...

Hi Steph! Glad to see you tapping (gently) away there. I've often found a bit of nonsense crooning helps when the screen flickers..
(Are you sure about that 'normality' bit!?)
Seriously though, it is good to see you back in the swing of it.

Hope you're feeling better by the hour! Take care. xxxxx