Jul 19, 2009


The world is overfull. Everyone seems to be in agreement with that. So I have decided to do my own bit for humanity and not visit that Italian IVF doctor famous for inpregnating (barmy)geriatric women.

Ideas on solving the problem of over population:

Good way? - Bad way?

I guess it's a matter of opinion.

I don't usually get political on the blog. But it's Sunday and it's raining - and I've finished all my chocolate. Bah, humbug!

Humbugs. Haven't got any of those either - in fact, do they still make them? You know, those black and white striped, odd shaped sweets? Or has the British government banned them as Racially/Politically Incorrect? I usually stock up on British sweeties (not available in The Neths.), when I visit family.

Perhaps 'the powers that be' will ban me after this. Or on the other hand, maybe some rich nutter will read this and leave me all his/her money...
Ha-ha! But wait a minute - If that happened I'd probably get roped into 'saving the world'.

B***cks to that. Just leave me to my rainy Sunday and my rapidly wearing off 'sugar high'...

Ouch... got a headache now.


Grannymar said...

Humbugs! Now you have set me off. I think they are still available, although I have not tasted them for ages.

I bet Steph wishes she had some now. Poor dear is back in hospital in Dublin since 16th. I had a text from her this am

Geri Atric said...

Hi Grannymar ~ yes, the more I think about them the more delicious are the memories...drool!

Oh poor Steph. She seemed to be doing so much better. I do fervently hope it's not a big setback.

Kate said...

Geri on a rant - I love it!!

We need more of this - send me your address I'll send the humbugs - politaclly correct or not!!! x

Geri Atric said...

Thanks Kate ~ appreciate the offer!

I've invented a new philosophy: 'A rant a day, keeps the (brain)plaque at bay'.

Am now busy curing yesterday's sugar headache with coffee...
None of this makes any sense does it? Perhaps I'm sicknening for the flu...
(Those B*****ds!)!

Kate said...

No Problem - my Mum was a bit of a humbuggar!!

Coffee - goodness knows what effect that will have - I think a spot of fresh air is called for here - throw open a window and have a rant at the birds (or the neighbours!!!).

Geri Atric said...

kate ~ will do!

jay said...

I kind of like the idea of all those super-rich people being so politically incorrect. LOL! It's true that overpopulation is a serious problem, but one that would be solved by polyandry in many cases, a solution which, as a woman, I find oddly appealing.

Removing tongue from cheek, and moving on to Mr Greenbiz, he is a conspiracy theorist of the worst kind. He is clever at skewing information to suit himself but I see huge flaws in his logic. Huge. Flaws.

For a start, the bird/pig/bird/pig scenario he paints so alarmingly in favour of his viewpoint need be nothing like so complex. Viruses are - and have always been - extremely clever little beggars at mutating and evolving, sometimes very rapidly indeed. And we already know that pigs are damn good at providing us with new and interesting diseases.

Once the species barrier has been breached once, there is absolutely no reason that viruses wouldn't do it again. And again. They're sneaky like that.

Geri Atric said...

Hi Jay ~ I must admit that I do trust the good intentions of Oprah and Gates!

As for that polyandry(!) I did see a documentary once about an island(?) where it is practiced (one woman married to 5 brothers and all very happy). Who knows, perhaps this form of matrimony will end up being a (not to distant) solution for countries where present selective sex pregnancies, are ensuring more male biths than female?

As for 'Mr Greenbiz' - I am not sure how I got (re)directed to that site - (I was surfing international governmental action against swine flu') but I think you may be more than correct in your viral assessment of the flu' theory put forward there.

(However, as I get older I do seem to be developing a cynical suspicion, of what appears to me to be the increasingly blatant 'dumbing down' and socially restrictive methods/laws: i.e.,'PC' (I call it 'muffling and manacle-ing'), imposed upon ordinary citizens and services (e.g., police, social workers), by the richer governments of this world)!