Feb 12, 2010


What an annoying nuisance (!*#@!!) Google can be - and that's putting it mildly.

It's swiped my 'bookmarks'!

The whole bookmark widget button was there in its entirety on Tuesday morning, which is the last time I logged on before today - and now it's not.
Gone. Stolen. Foetsie! (Slang dutch for.....gone, disappeared, vanished without trace).

So now what? Have been typing all bookmarked blog names and other regularly frequented sites, into the Search bar all morning - and it's been quite a task (bah!).

And so here we are, half a day further and after clicking everything in sight on screen (and off) trying to find and re-install that missing bookmark icon, all I have to show for it is a finger with a nervous tic, which will probably get me into a lot of trouble on public transport - but so far, no 'bookmark icon thingy'.


GOOGLE!! What are you doing to me??? Why are you doing it??? And where have you hidden my bookmarks???


Grannymar said...

That is so frustrating. I actually have a list of URLs saved in a word Document and I also have a long blogroll, so at least I have a way to find most of them. If all else fails, google the blog name.

I wish you patience while you struggle to find them.

steph said...

That's weird, Geri

'Cos I lost my bookmarks too this week but I think it might have been something to do with the 'man in my life' deciding that I needed updating (no, NOT ME, silly my computer!).

I eventually found my bookmarks on the toolbar by clicking on everything I could find and low and behold, a yellow star appeared and there they were.

Don't ask me where they were hiding 'cos I haven't the foggiest!

Good luck with your star gazing!

Geri Atric said...

Grannymar ~ That is a very good idea (!) saving URLs in a word Document. Thanks for the tip.
Meanwhile, I have donned my thinking cap and googled the problem - and lo and behold, discovered a whole computer community, frantically searching for their missing bookmarks!!

The mystery continues....!
Steph ~ Welcome to the missing bookmark club!
Have searched for that yellow star in vain. Seems they've swiped that too. So its on with the sleuth cap and off we go again..

Watch this space....!