Feb 13, 2010


AHA!!!!!!!!!!!! FOUND THEM!!!!!!! *Happy dance*

This is a follow up to the posting of yesterday and the mystery of the missing Bookmarks.

They were skulking in Notebook - which I never EVER use..? So goodness knows how they got there(?)

Had just re-googled the problem into the Search bar and one of the suggestions I happened across, was to click on Notebook. (Would never have thought of that by myself, in a thousand years. Didn't even know where it was).

Click, click click! Settings/Google Account Settings/Notebook - and lo and behold, there were all my missing URLs! (Come to Mamma!!!)

Still haven't found out where the Bookmark button is hiding itself (?) and it would be much handier to have it back on the Google Toolbar. But never mind, if it is still hidden away after a week, I will borrow my neighbour's (mannetje) 'man'.
This 'man' is another neighbour, whom the first neighbour knows (and I don't) and who being possessed of IT knowledge, will come over and tinker about with your computer and 'retrieve things', for a small honorarium. (I hope that means money!).

Bye for now. Have a nice computer day!


Grannymar said...

Glad you are all sorted and ready for action once more. Let play begin!

Geri Atric said...

Thank you Grannymar!
On your (book)marks - get set - GO!

jay said...

Ha! I hope it means money too! LOL!

Glad you found your bookmarks. Mine have gone missing twice, and so have all my news feed subscriptions, but as you know, I have my two tame techie guys and I just have to call for help and they fix it for me. Who's a lucky gal, then? ;)

steph said...

"for a small honorarium"

hee! hee!

I never heard it called that before!

Geri Atric said...

Jay ~ TWO techie guys (?) and all you have to do is call..? *splutter*! You are not just lucky gal, you are ITechnically' rich, rich rich!! Enjoy! You deserve it.

Steph ~ ! *Titter*. Me neither. Has a nice ring to it though. Very polite.

Kate said...

I don't know whether you need a 'man' - you seem to be doing alright on your own!!!

Geri Atric said...

Good morning Kate! ~ Sorry for the delay in answering, have been away for a few days.

Thanks for the compliment!

I do like men (i.e., their sense of humour and kindness in general) - although must admit, often envy them their seemingly natural ability for all things technical!