Aug 2, 2009


Don't know whether to blame this ridiculous looking pink creature I found lurking around - whilst clearing up the grandkids' toy box last Wednesday - but with mounting trepidation the list of today, includes:

Chills; coughing; very sore throat; horrible pain in back of neck; thumping head; aching all over, sore skin and runny nose.

Could of course be just a bad cold, but considering what happened last winter - when I felt ill but ignored it and carried on till I broke(!) - am now going to dive into bed and dose myself into a long healing doze. Read about that once in a James Herriot book (he was a Yorkshire vet'), how he put a 'sick sheep into a deep sleep' - Lor'.. don't say that fast! You'll lose your dentures - and when it woke up after 3 days it was cured! Brilliant stuff.

So ta-ta for now and take extra care when clearing out boxes and cupboards. Never know what might be lurking there.. My mother found a scorpion once, but that was when she was billeted in India during W.W.II..... (another time, another tale).

love and stuff,

Geri xx


Grannymar said...

Oh Geri! How unfortunate for you. Sleep plenty. My father was a great believer in a very hot toddy taken in bed and then sleep to sweat the bugs out.

Hugs. Gm.

steph said...

Poor Geri!

Hope you feel better again soon.

Well, at least the little pink pig is smiling ;-)

Geri Atric said...

Grannymar ~ your dad was a wise man!

It's morning now, and I've just phoned the doc' to report my symptoms. He says if I'm no better by Wed. he'll pay a call.

Steph ~ Thank you.
Yes, he does have cheerful chops doesn't he(?) I've put him back with the other toys!

Kate said...

Get well soon my friend - that little piggie has a lot to answer for!

Keep warm, drink lots of fluids and it the doc offers Tamiflu - grab it with both hands!

My daughter in law is a pharmacist - she says its good stuff!!

Peace and Love

jay said...

Oh, poor you! Yes, I remember that sheep story! Do take a nice long sleep.

But I'm a little concerned about the pain in the back of your neck. Try this simple test - can you drop your chin onto your chest? If not, call the doc. It could be meningitis.

Hopefully, it's 'only' swine flu!

Geri Atric said...

Hi Kate ~ Thanks for the tip. If the test on Wednesday is positive, I'll be taking your advice!

My neighbour brought me a big box of blackberry ice lollies this morning (for the sore throat). She handed them quickly round the door and took off again at high speed!

Hi Jay ~ Those James Herriot books were great weren't they! (Still are).

Yes, I've tried the chin on chest test, but it's fine. It's the other way round that won't work. If I tilt my head backwards, can't get it upright again without hand assistance(!). Never had anything like this before.

steph said...


Hoping today finds you coming out the other side of that horrible dose?

If not, hang in there. I'm sending big get well fast hugs.

Geri Atric said...

Good morning Steph! ~ Thanks very much for your well wishes.
Neck and head feel a little better today but that sore throat is a real b***** (you know).
How's yourself Steph? Hang on.. I shall grab another ice lolly and pop over to see you.....

steph said...


Hurray! You're still alive and kicking. Hope the sore throat eases today.

I've had a busy morning already. Head was scoped after brekkie - news is good on that so I'll be moved onto oral antibiotics today. The colitis however continues to drain my system of energy and hold me back. Just seen by gastro team who say that the steroids should hopefully be enough to protect against a change to oral AB's. Fingers and all little piggy toes crossed please!

Geri Atric said...

Hi Steph ~ Hooray! Good news that you are coming off that drip. As for the colitis.. have got all the fingers and piggies lined up - (even fetched that one back from market) and crossed like mad!
I do fervently hope the steroids prove up to the task this time.

Good luck to you Steph! (It's certainly your time for some).

Kate said...

Hi Geri - just popped over to check on you - sounds like you are a little bit better - I hope so.....
Peace and love to you x

Geri Atric said...

Thank you Kate.
Whether it's Swine flu or not, this is a very odd virus. Fever, coughing and very sore throat are still there, but that horrid pain in the back of the neck and head is less today. I'm doing a bit of blogging between paracetamols (they lower the temperature temporarily and make me feel a little better).
Take care of yourself!