Jun 19, 2010


The Blog Dashboard informs me that a total of 82 (intermittent) posts have been published - since May 2008. (This will be 83.....).

And while I know that this is small stuff, compared to you true blogging veterans out there with your 100's - and even 1000's - of postings and millions of words (!) *applause and respect*... it is still a surprise to me to realise the extent of the Geri chuntering and mumbling, since those first tentative steps to set up AU and share a bit of the Geri Attric 'AT' (anti-technological) experience.

Of course not every posting has been about a fight with 'new technology' (... !). But the general theme of confusion with the challenges of everyday life, have been and will in all probability continue to be the connecting thread of AU, for as long as it lasts....

I would like to achieve the milestone of 100 postings. However, a member of my family recently asked me to 'print off' AU and make a 'family heirloom' (?) of it, for the amusement of future family generations...... And so, full of good intention, that is what I have been doing these past couple of days. Printing, printing and more printing and running out of ink and A4 paper and having to nip to the shops for more of both....

Was rather clever though (!) Had the ink cartridge refilled at one of those ink-filling places and saved myself quite a bit of cash. The only real fly in the ointment, was that the printer did not seem to recognise the refilled cartridge (?) and wouldn't stay turned 'on'.

A bit of thumping and repeated readjustment of ink cartridge and paper finally got it working though - and the whole blog is now filed neatly away for posterity in a very large plastic folder !!

Only 82 postings, including all comments..... but still quite an impressive manuscript! They say we all have at least one book inside of us. Perhaps this one is mine(?).

I am content. Hope the 'future family generations' enjoy it!!

And now onwards... *drum roll*... to Post number 84 !!!> > > > > >..........????????


Grannymar said...

Well done you! Despite falls, family illness and indeed your own, technology flip flops and long spells away from your PC, You are doing mighty well. Keep up the good work and remember only 17 more posts to be a good cricket player! ;)

Geri Atric said...

Grannymar ~ LOL! Thank you! That is praise indeed coming from your good (blogging) self!

'17 more posts to be a good cricket player!'?
Can't wait to hit my own 'Century'!

Strawberries and cream for tea then, for sure!

Kate said...

Congratulations my friend!!!!
It is now how much you write but what you write that matters!!

I wonder if my kids will want my ramblings? Only time will tell... but no printing I think - my son has it stored on his servers!

I really don't know how many posts I've written...maybe I should check...?

Geri Atric said...

Kate ~ Thank you!
(And they can always tear out the posts they don't want to keep..).

I am sure your kids will want your iramblings Kate. It will be the highlight around the Christmas hearth! Reminiscing with their own kids and grandkids, over your adventures and identifying 'bits of themselves' in the way you approaced your life.
But still, that's eons away yet(!) so keep on blogging and filling up your son's server/iramble folder.

How's wee Alfie doing? Bet he's growing like lettuce gone to seed....!