May 8, 2010


Hooray - worry warting over!!

Grandkids arrived safely back from France yesterday - and daughter's Cairo flight landed safely on Dutch soil this morning.

Eat your firey heart out Eyjafjollajukull!

Although I did read on online news this morning that besides still wafting over parts of Britain and Ireland, there is a new volcanic ash threat to Atlantic flights: i.e., UK-US. So good luck to all those travellers.

It seems this angry Icelandic giant could carry on spewing its guts - without respite - for a couple of years yet.

Meanwhile, youngest daughter has invited me to a small family reunion this afternoon.
Wonder what she's brought me....? Just kidding!

Volcano latest.


Kate said...

Good news then Geri!!! and a tea party - how nice!
I was fortunate when I went to Tenerife a couple of weeks ago with my daughter - the Saturday we flew out was the first day the flights were nearly normal!!!

Grannymar said...

Enjoy the party!

Geri Atric said...

Kate ~ It was very nice! (It's now the day after).
Can hardly believe that while we were all shivering in temps. between 9-11%, daughter dear was sweltering in temps between 36-40%!
I'm glad you and your daughter were lucky with your own flights. It looks as though we might all be in for another bout of grounding soon... A-A-A-Ashoooo!!

Grannymar ~ Thanks, it was lovely to have the family together again. The youngest (2yrs.) was cross with his mum at first, for leaving him for a week (although he was also on a different holiday with his brother and dad) - and hasn't let her out of his sight since... He even slept clinging to her in her bed, last night. Uh-Oh! (New set of problems coming up!).

steph said...

Glad all's well that ends well, Geri

Please don't taunt Eyjafjollajukull...

Irish airspace has been hit (on/off) since last Wednesday and my son is due to fly UK - US on Tues :-(

Fingers crossed!

Geri Atric said...

Steph ~ Oh dear! Sorry! I'll stop with the taunting. In fact I'll go one better and suggest someone introduce the spirit of our angry Northern giant, to exotic goddess 'Pele'. Perhaps she can telepathically soothe Eyjaf's savage breast! She's supposed to be favourably inclined towards mere mortal folk.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

'According to legend, Pele lives in the Halemaʻumaʻu crater of KīlaueaIn the Hawaiian religion, Pele (pronounced [ˈpeh- lei] /ˈpeɪleɪ/ PAY-lay) is the goddess of fire, lightning, dance, and volcanoes. She is a popular figure in many stories of ancient Hawaii known as Hawaiian mythology'.

steph said...

Just had word that my son has touched down safely in the US after an 11.5 hour flight from the UK. It was diverted north of Iceland to cross the Atlantic safely!

As a result, he's missed his connecting flight to fly further south tonight.

I'm hoping your exotic goddess will soothe him on his onward journey!

Geri Atric said...

Steph ~ That's great news!

And I feel sure that Pele will soothe and smooth the rest of his journey, after 11.5 hours of maneuvering, to dodge the wrath of Eyjaf'!

An exciting story for his children and grandchildren, one day..(?!)