May 31, 2010


Oops! The tiny screw just fell out of the side-thingy >>
so am having to balance them lopsidedly on my nose to read and type.

And -
have also just discovered that unless you have a spare pair of specs stashed away, you can't possibly fix your broken ones!!! Unless of course you are good at doing things by touch....? But let me tell you, those screws are itsy-bitsy tiny and can hardly be seen even with the aid of glasses! And this one landed somewhere on the floor....................aargghh.!

Pity I threw that old magnet away.


steph said...

I now have this lovely image of you trying to balance your glasses on your nose while you hunt for that damn screw!

I don't suppose it fell in between the keys on your keyboard?

Just sayin'!

Geri Atric said...

Steph ~ That's brilliant! The keyboard!!!

Oh no *groan*, there's a ton of crumbs in there.
Hmmm - *poking with elongated paperclip* - 'biscuit; cake; toast; fragment of fried egg; fluff; more fluff....mumble'.

Perhaps if I turn it upside down and give it a good shake...
Oh no!! Something tiny and shiny just went flying across the room and under the skirting board!!

Be easier to buy a few new pairs of glasses. Only about 7 euros for a pack of 3, from 'Hans Anders' (our local optician shop)!

Grannymar said...

Geri, put a pop-sock over the hose of the vacuum cleaner and hoover the keyboard by hovering over it. That way the screw if there will not be lost in the dust bag.

Easiest way to find the screw on the floor is to walk barefoot.

Happy huning!

Geri Atric said...

Grannymar ~ Two excellent tips, thank you! Perhaps I'll also find the little white bobbly thing that cushions the side of the nose. It's been missing for quite a while..

Kate said...

Oh Geri - you threw the magnet out - you see, sometimes it's a good thing to hang onto stuff! Like the tiny packet of screwdrivers I got in a Christmas Cracker once, they're great for those little jobs with my specs.
But wait, without the cushiony thing you're 'screwed' anyway - best invest in the seven euros pack!

Geri Atric said...

Kate ~ That screwdriver set sounds just the thing! I must get some of those crackers.

That cushiony thing went missing during my 2 years old grandson's last visit, so it was probably also him who weakened the side-thingy screw...
Went through this with his elder brother at the same age too.
Have been through soooo many pairs of specs these last 4 years!!!! That's mainly why I stick to the cheap ones. Mind you, I have been known to sit on a few pairs myself....

steph said...


Your little grandson probably ate the little cushiony thing thinking it was a sweetie!

It's probably sailing along the drains somewhere by now, having adventures like the little toy soldier from the playroom.

Jay said...

If only I could pop round to help! The only way I can see very close things is without my glasses! I am that short-sighted. Only a few days ago I found a screw that had fallen out of my friend's fella's glasses on a pavement - yes, outside! - and put it back in with the aid of the only thing I had handy, a pair of embroidery scissors. Of course, the right screwdriver does a far better job, but at least he could wear them!

However, if you wanted me to read something writ large on the TV only feet away, without my glasses, I'd be sunk. So if I break or lose them, there's no way I could drive!

Geri Atric said...

Steph ~ I wouldn't put it past the little chap at all, he has a grand appetite!

And yes, I do vaguely remember that toy soldier story - but not how he got into the gutter.. Don't tell me (shock horror!) that he 'passed' through a greedy 2 year old!#@!!

Jay ~ I wish you could pop round too! Talk about eagle-eyed...AND innovative. (Embroidery scissors?!).
Not so nice though not being able to see anything clearly, beyond the end of your nose.

Hope you have a spare pair of specs handy in the car(?)

steph said...


"The Brave Tin Solder" fell out the window of the playroom and when two little boys found him, they made him a paper boat and sent him sailing down the gutter.

I used to love this story as a kid...


Geri Atric said...

Steph ~ Phew! That's a relief.
Thanks for the link, I will most certainly be catching up on this story. I too just love these 'olden times' tales!

Martin said...

I spent years trying to find frames I was comfortable in, and since I have I've spent years mending them in every way possible.

I couldn't cope with needing to replace!

Geri Atric said...

Xbox ~ Hi, haha! Better find a good hiding place then, away from your adorable daughter! Won't be long before she is into ev-er-ry-thing you treasure...
Have just returned home from 3 days babysitting my 2 year old grandson. He has the chicken pox(!) (waterpokken). Another 'joy' awaiting you and the missus - heh heh!

steph said...


I hope you've had chicken pox yourself as the same virus can cause shingles in adults who escaped contracting chicken pox as a child!

Thanks for your comment btw. You missed my photos, one post back (Where did you get that hat) or were you too scared to look?

Geri Atric said...

Steph ~ Yes thanks, I have had chicken pox as a child! So hopefully will be safe BUT, I also read somewhere recently that the CP virus lies dormant in your nervous system after you have had it and can be reactivated into shingles, through contact with chicken pox(!) And, that shingles can actually CAUSE chicken pox in people who haven't already had it. Bluugh...very confusing!! To add to all that confusion, my daughter (grandsons mother) now has what looks and feels (OW!) to be shingles; i.e., painful blisters horizontally along one side of her body. She thinks she caught it in Egypt last month and has now passed the herpes zoster virus along to her son and maybe the rest of his nursery friends, in the form of chicken pox!

Am on my way over to yours right now to have a look at that hat(!?)