May 3, 2010


This is all that is left of a rather large leek I have been chomping on - now and then - throughout the past week. (Finely chopped leek, sprinkled liberally onto a layer of old cheese and enclosed within wholewheat bread. Yummy!).

The only trouble with raw leeks (and old cheese too, for that matter...) is that the memory of them lingers on in the mouth for days....and days....and days..

Not normally a problem - unless your partner complains(!) or, a large piece of enamel breaks off the back of one of your few remaining upper molars - and you have to promptly visit the dentist!

That latter thing has happened (of course!) - and leek addicted Geri has now emailed said dentist for an emergency 'please squeeze-me-in' appointment; and is regularly checking the in/email box for a reply.

In the meantime, toothpaste and mouthwash are being regularly and anxiously employed - and the old gums and tongue are quite sore with all the extra attention!

That'll teach me.

Trouble is, I can still taste and smell that leek! Have heard that parsley helps extinguish the odour of garlic but I don't have any readily available - and anyway, it probably doesn't work on leeks? There are plenty of dandylion leaves along the hedgerows though....so perhaps I'll give those a try. Although, they might not work either - and knowing my luck, will also stain the teeth bright green!

Just imagine the dentist's shock, when I open my mouth and he stares down into that green, evil smelling pit.....! Aarrgghh!!

Meanwhile, the old tongue is being irresistibly and continually drawn to the jagged cavity in the back of that molar - and is poking itself ragged! If this doesn't put me off raw leeks for the rest of my life - don't know what will.



Grannymar said...

My condolences on the tooth problem. Did you try white vinegar? Put a teaspoonful in a beaker of water for a gargle and to clean the tongue with a soft toothbrush.

Geri Atric said...

Grannymar ~ Thanks for the tooth condolences. And no, I hadn't thought of white vinegar, but I do have it in the cupboard, so will definitely give it a try. Thanks!

steph said...

Well, that's a first!

I've never, ever heard of anyone who eats leeks raw. But thinking about it, I suppose it could be finely shredded in a salad to add flavour.

Sorry to hear about your tooth, Geri.

My dentist once told me that I've an over-active tongue. I hope he wasn't trying to tell me I talk to much?

Geri Atric said...

Steph ~ Yes, a small sprinkle of finely chopped raw leek (the yellow inside part of the stalk), gives quite a delicious jolt to any salad.

I wouldn't advise biting large chunks directly off the stalk, as I have been doing!

An over-active tongue..?..Crikey.. What on earth do you two get up to in that dentist's chair...?
(Heh-heh! Sorry. Couldn't resist that).

Kate said...

Hmmmm - maybe a little less of what you fancy for a while Geri - this has definitely not done you good!!!

Geri Atric said...

Kate ~ That's true - and I still haven't been 'fitted in' at the dentist's. Ooo me achin' toof....!