May 1, 2010


I have an unusual craving to see colours today. In fact, I need to see them so much, my head and eyes are aching with the longing of it.

Violet; indigo; shimmering blue; emerald green; bright lemon yellow; passionate orange; firey red! I want them all!

The sky outside the window is a misty, whitey-grey; and every parked car within my line of vision is either dark grey, dark blue or dark green.

People cycling and walking past are hardly noticeable in their beige summer rain coats.

No colours anywhere.

A misty rain is falling - but there are no sunbeams to paint a prism through the clouds.

Hmm.... I see grandson no. 1. has left his coloured chalks behind.... Maybe a spot of self made 'street art' will brighten things up around here?!

Saw two students draw an exact replica of the Mona Lisa on the paving stones in the town center last year. Won't attempt that - but a few rainbow patterned flagstones just outside the front door should brighten things up today!
And unavoidably p**s the neighbours off - although that wouldn't be my intention.
(They are always washing the pavement over here. It's a Dutch compulsion. Stoop washing. Drives me nuts).

Here's to colours! Long may they brighten the eye and lift the spirits!


Grannymar said...


I can sing a rainbow!
Sing a rainbow!
I can sing a rainbow for YOU!

Geri Atric said...

Grannymar ~ Thanks for that! Colour and Song. My day just lifted considerably!

jay said...

Oh yes - may I never dwindle into a 'beige' person! LOL!

At the moment my favourite combinations are puple and green, light and dark turquoise, and also plums, burgundies and pinks, sometimes with olive or moss greens.

At the moment I'm wearing a dark green and gold kaftan with amethyst slippers. Does that make you feel better, if you shut your eyes and imagine it?

Geri Atric said...

Jay ~ That all sounds absolutely marvellous! A riot of rich, spicy, natural colours and I especially like the vision your Kaftan and slippers conjure up: I.E., the majestically colourful halls of an Indian palace! (Not that I have ever visited one, but India in general is a very colourful place, so I have heard).

steph said...


If I could, I'd send you a large bunch of flowers to brighten your day.

You'll have to make do with this instead...


Geri Atric said...

Steph ~ Thanks for the offer of flowers(!) and also for the youtube link.
Have copied and pasted it, but google is denying its existence..
However I won't give up. Watch this space ---------!

steph said...

Sorry! Geri

That link works for me okay.

Try this one...


Geri Atric said...

Steph ~ "Als de lente komt, stuur ik jou, tulpen uit Amsterdam...tra-laa!"
It worked! Fields and fields of tulips. Prachtig! (Wonderful!)
Thank you.