Apr 12, 2010


Harping back to the 'shark nightmares' of a few posts ago, I finally decided that the best way to vanquish these night terrors - and stop getting virtual (but feels like real!) chunks taken out of me now and then - was to confront this particular 'bogey man' head on - and bop him on his virtual nose!!

So with a right old showdown in mind, I put my camera under my pillow, drank my cocoa, went to sleep - and look what I 'caught'!

Laying hidden between fronds of waving seaweed and breathing without tanks *smirk*, I filmed him (er...no.. hang on a second - isn't that a her....?!) all night long, until she eventually swam right out of my sub-conscious for good and all! (I hope....).

Well all right then. The truth of the matter is, I took this photo at the aquarium/zoo, in Rotterdam, with reinforced glass between us. Guess I'll never be a marine biologist!
Except perhaps in dreams...?


Kate said...

there's nothing wrong with dreaming Geri - but if I were you I'd find something of a different 'scale' - Sweet dreams!!!!

Geri Atric said...

Kate ~ You're right! No use being crabby about it. I'll come right out of my shell and have a whale of a time, dreaming I've won the lottery!!

Grannymar said...

geri when that dream comes true, I will help you party!

Geri Atric said...

Grannymar ~ Wouldn't dream of celebrating without you! Let the good times roll!

steph said...

Geri, you are priceless!

I met the 'bogey man' head on this week.

My blog has now ended up being re-named 'The Bogey Report'.

Pop on over and have a laugh.

Geri Atric said...

Steph ~ Uh-oh - that sounds ominous! Am on my way...!