Apr 22, 2010


I suppose this isn't so much a new Post, as a bit of 'worry warting'.....

1). Youngest daughter flying off (volcanic ash permitting) to warmer climes at the end of next week, for a well earned 7 day break of culture, rest and relaxation - without the kids... First time ever - and mixed feelings... (Hers, not mine. She deserves this).

2). Grandkids motoring off to a holiday park in France with their dad and other grandparents for that same week...

3). Fast forward: Dad and kids return; Mum/daughter is about to fly home - and then that second and much larger 'beast of Eyjafjollajukullamaflip' (next to the one that's spewing up now) blows its gasket (!) and strands daughter in the Middle-East for the unforeseeable future!!

4). Dad goes back to work and other grandparents back home to the other end of Holland - and Grandma Geri packs a bag and nips up 'post haste' to daughter's house, to care for the grandkids.....

5). Not that I mind that, at all. Already help out now two days and one night a week. A few more days will be all the more fun - as long as daughter is safe and the tour company look after her - and bus(?) train(?) or sail(?) her home again, without it costing the earth... and the kids don't put the telly on during the day - 'cus I always fall asleep in front of it!! (And if those two little 'monsters' suss that one out.... oh boy)!

O.M.G.! What am I saying? This isn't like me at all! The old Geri can always seem to find the 'sense of ridiculous' in most of life's situations - so what's with all this panicky stuff....?

Aeroplanes; volcanic ash; looking after two very young kids properly - for lord knows how long? Cleaning, cooking, (their dad can do the shopping) bringing and fetching to school and nursery; not forgetting to fetch their pet cats back from the cat kennels; remembering to take my pills...

You know what... I think it's time for a big mug of morning coffee and a walk in the park - and a fresh psychological reboot to this weirdly foggy day!


Grannymar said...

Enjoy an extra large coffee and when you think about it..... the whole exercise can be an excuse to collect blog fodder! I lok forward to the stories.

Geri Atric said...

Grannymar ~ Cheers! *Raising coffee mug*.
Blog fodder? LOL! Good thinking.

steph said...

Hi! Geri

I hope you enjoyed your walk. I'm just back from a lovely walk in the sunshine.

In reality, none of us know what lies around the next corner so it's not worth wasting brain cells worry warting over it.

What will be, will be.

Fast forward: Everyone is safely home from their holidays and Geri is sitting in sunshine with a large G&T in hand, listening to tales of their adventures!

Geri Atric said...

Steph ~ Thanks! Yes, the walk did help. I took my neighbour's dog She's strained her back and the pooch is inclined to take off at great strength and speed when it sees a duck - which is very often around here!

Thanks for the "Fast forward" scenario. "Everyone is safely home..."
Now there's a fine picture! I'll hold on to it tight.
(Don't know what came over me...).

Jay said...

Oh yeah, blog fodder!! LOL!

So the second one blew? I don't think I knew that. And now the authorities are saying 'Ooops, yes, we did overreact rather ... '

Enjoy this unexpected turn of events. It will be FUN! But yes, don't forget to collect the cats!

Geri Atric said...

Jay ~ Oo-er, no I don't think it's blown yet(?) That was just me in an uneasy mood yesterday, projecting a whole bunch of 'what if..' scenarios onto some of my soon to be going on holiday family!
But the fog has lifted today, (thank goodness), both literally and psychologically - so no more worry warting.
Have a good day yourself!

Kate said...

Hi Geri,
Sounds like you are needing much more than coffee!!! Hope things have settled a little now!!!

Geri Atric said...

Kate ~ Something 'on the rocks'? Good idea! It's not as though I can claim to be clairvoyent or anything of that sort, so can't imagine why the sudden 'flap'. Just having a bigger senior moment than usual I think!