Mar 25, 2010


Is it possible do you think, that computer screens can send out invisible, sinister rays, that surreptitiously drain a users memory?

Either that - because since becoming a computer user the old grey cells are definitely in rapid meltdown - or, I have finally become completely paranoid in imagining the computer is 'out to get me'!

This morning was the clincher. After signing in and finding everything gone - and I do mean everything - starting with the 'gorse bushes in Scotland' desktop background (unfathomably replaced with a blue background with Dell written through it) right down to all files in Documents; all contents of Outlook Express Mail; all contents of Favourites; etc., etc.. In fact, the whole computer looked like a freshly bought one, just waiting to be programmed with all my personal details!

Horrified (you know the sinking feeling in the stomach thing..) I clicked on 'browser choice' - a new icon on the desktop menu - that I vaguely remember presented itself a few days ago and refused to be clicked away - and then choosing Google Chrome, started all over again filling in account details etc.....sob!

Didn't understand a single thing I was being asked... (frustrated tears rolling down soggy cheeks - waaahh!) so returned to the strange Dell desktop picture, clicked on Start - and rebooted.

Wondrously - once everything had started up again the original desktop Scottish gorse picture was back (!) and all the old menu icons...... and lo and behold even O.E. mail was back with all files intact; and all files in Documents and Pictures (with priceless family photos) were present and correct......

The only thing is, I am now scared to turn the computer off, in case everything is gone again, either from my head, or the computer (or both) the next time I log in (?)
Is it my mind - or is it really the computer playing tricks....(ponder, mumble...)?

Know what - I think it's time for a spot of comfort food! Made a Shepherds Pie a few days ago and it's always much nicer the second time around, warmed up in the frying pan with all the ingredients mushing together in one big tasty mass - Yum!

Till later then everyone... It is not polite to type with your mouth full - and besides that, the computer might decide it wants a byte! Hee-hee, ha-ha (mad cackling)!!


Jay said...

Hahaha! Tell your computer that shepherd's pie is extremely bad for it and don't give in to the begging. LOL!

These things happen to me, too. I just yell for OH!

Grannymar said...

Geri, I feel your pain. Enjoy dinner and perhaps when you come back all will be well.

Geri Atric said...

Jay ~ Ah you lucky gal - wish I had an OH to yell for!

Mind you (whispering), have just logged in again this evening to check the mail and everything is still present and correct...
(Shhh....I think it's sleeping..!).


Grannymar ~ Thank you! Happily, the Shepherd's Mush Pie helped a bit too - and everything seems to be working OK for the moment... (Cross fingers/touch wood/throw salt over left shoulder and everything else I can think of!).

How is your biking trip going?! I hope those big hunks are looking after you? (If not, send them all over here for a stern word or two...heh heh)!

steph said...


I think your computer is trying to tell you something?

Maybe it's just got too big for it's boots?

Next time you reboot, try a bigger size!

Geri Atric said...

Steph ~ You could be right! Although it's more likely just me, getting too big for my own boots and clicking on Links I should be keeping my clickers off! Although, having said that, after re-downloading the Google Toolbar (which had mysteriously disappeared a while back) the 'Bookmark' star and a bunch of other missing buttons, are now back again, along with a few new ones (Sidewiki? Share?).
Don't think I'll be investigating those though, anytime soon!

Kate said...

oh Geri - its always a battle with machines isn't it? Wasn't there a film about machines taking over the world - perhaps it wasn't sci fi after all.....

I love Shepherds Pie - hope it was good!!!

Geri Atric said...

Hi Kate ~ Yes, machines and me...sob! A one woman button pressing disaster. It's possible even the Borg cube in Star Trek might not want to assimilate me (afraid of sabotage..heh!).

Thanks! The Shepherds Pie was indeed tasty consolation.