Jan 4, 2010


Slipped on the icey pavement this morning, whilst putting out the wheelie bin and bumped my 'tail' bone. Smack ! (@*!!x#) - right on the end of the spine - ow-ow-ow!

There were only two other people about - an elderly couple, shuffling along and clinging desperately to each other, on the opposite side of the street. But the odd thing is, during and immediately after the fall, I behaved as though nothing had happened (?!), clambering as swiftly and nonchalantly to my feet as possible (with legs flailing all over the place) and ignoring the pain. What was that all about?

Am left wondering if my reaction would have been the same if the street had been deserted? Giving it some thought - the answer is, that I think so. I think the desire to be upright and apparently unhurt is/was some kind of survival instinct....(?)
Sort of like: 'Aargh! I've come a cropper in the snow-and am old and helpless-and if I don't get up at once the wolf pack will close in-and eat me! So let's see if the legs still work and if they do, let's get the h*ll out of here!

Well maybe there are no wolves in the middle of slippery, snowy suburban 'Den Haag' - well, not the animal kind anyway - so perhaps it had more to do with not wanting to look like an idiot (?!) Anyway, as I said, I uprighted myself (with the aid of a lamppost); placed the wheelie bin carefully at the curb; and baby-stepped slowly back into the warmth and safety of the Geri 'cave'.

Hmm... (wince). Feels like I'll be sitting on a cushion for a while - but apart from that, nothing a few hot cuppas won't cure.. Cheers (!)

And oh yeah - be careful out there!


Grannymar said...

You really don't like yourself, do you Geri!

Late New Years Resolution I think is in order... Be Kind to Geri!

You know that much as pride tells us to jump up, we should stay put until we are sure nothing is broken. We can in fact do more serious damage by ignoring that rule.

Play safe and I hope that is the last of your falls for 2010.

Jay said...

Oh no! I'm sorry you fell and hurt yourself! You should get yourself some of those ice gripper things - OH can't walk this weather without them!

Hope you feel better soon!

Geri Atric said...

Grannymar ~ Top o' the morning to you! Yes, I do seem to be thumping myself about a bit lately.
Good advice though, about staying put. I'll take it the next time I land arse over heels!


Good morning Jay ~ I never thought of ice gripper things, but it's an excellent idea if this weather continues much longer!
The pain has lessened to a dull ache when I sit. Have to perch on one buttock at a time.
(Sorry if that's too much info' - hee-hee!)

Kate said...

Oh Geri take it easy. Remember to recognise the difference between your a@&e and your elbow! Keep safe
my friend!

Geri Atric said...

Hi Kate ~ Yes indeed. Mixing those two body parts up could be messy! Interesting - but messy.

My neighbour saw two young girls go sliding off their bikes today - a complete mangle of metal and bodies - and they just layed there laughing.
*Sigh...* The resillience of youth...

steph said...

Ouch! Geri

That sort of fall on the coccyx can be TERRIBLY painful! You poor thing.

I find that if you don't get up quickly from a fall these days, some idiot do-gooder will call an ambulance on their mobile phone before you've had time to judge how bad the injury is.

I think Grannymar is right, pride has a lot to do with why we tend to get back on our feet quickly after a fall, before limping off whimpering quietly in pain!

Best stay warm indoors, Geri

Geri Atric said...

Good morning Steph ~ Luckily I had a thick coat on, so nothing cracked, except the ice underfoot (!) but it still aches a bit.

LOL to the ambulance scenario - but you are right indeed. However in retrospect, I think the two elderly folk across the road were too intent on keeping their own balance to notice me losing mine, so if I had stayed down I'd have been covered in falling snow till spring!
Perhaps pride AFTER a fall is not such a bad thing after all!