Oct 24, 2009


* Doctors are a weird and wonderful bunch aren't they? I remember waking up from having my appendix out on my 18th. birthday and being greeted by a wildly enthusiastic surgeon informing me that the offending dangly object, was the l-o-n-g-e-s-t he had ever seen, let alone removed! Blushing furiously and not quite knowing how to respond, I shyly told him he could keep the thing, if he liked... to which he very seriously - and majestically ignoring the tittering nurses - told me he would be honoured to do.

I wonder if he did keep it and where it is now?
Floating in green stuff in a jar, on a dusty shelf at the back of some forgotten hospital cupboard?
Proudly displayed in some teaching hospital in the U.S. bought years ago for an exorbitant sum?

Wow! Think I'll google it! (You never know...)

* The above memory was jolted from its mental pigeon hole by a visit to Steph on her blog The biopsy report. Steph is a very brave lady and an inspiration to us all to fight on and stay optimistic, in the face of horrific illness. Happily, she is better now - and her skull is famous too! Good luck to you Steph. Stay well!


steph said...

No, it's NOT! Bet mine was BIGGER!

I was aged 20 when I parted company with my appendix. All I remember about it, was that it wasn't where it was meant to be! Don't ask!

btw Thanks for your very kind mention. I'm not a bit brave when faced with a spider....aargh!

Kate said...

I still have mine so I have no idea how big it is!!!

Doctors are very strange people aren't they? They delight in the weirdest of things - not that there is anything weird about you Geri - not since you had your appendix out anyway?

Geri Atric said...

Hi Steph ~ Not where it was meant to be...?? Boggle(!!)...but OK.. I wont ask..
(Still bet it wasn't bigger'n mine - neh neh neh neh neh)!

Spiders though - definately aargh! Although on a trip to a zoo once, I did allow a visiting arachnologist to put a large, recently shed, orange and black, hairy striped spider skin, into my hand. It was scratchy and suprisingly warmish. Even the old fangs were still attached to it.. (gulp).
I only did it though because I had children with me and they dared me - ugh!
Hi Kate ~ Sshh.. don't tempt fate talking about it and wake yours up! If it hasn't given any twinges by now, chances are it never will.

Yes, some doctors are definately weird - but thank goodness for them aye! (I put that latter bit in because my eldest daughter is a doctor and she sometimes reads my blog!!)

I suspect I might still be a bit weird Kate. Don't think the appendectomy at 18 changed the basic Geri traits all that much!

Grannymar said...

Perhaps I get the medal for the smallest appendix! I only had two stitches to show for the effort. That was back in'66 way before micro surgery.

Geri it is good to have you back posting.

Geri Atric said...

Hi Grannymar ~ That must be a record too - the smallest appendix ever. Congratulations!

Mine was done before micro surgery too and they didn't dare stitch it, because I have a chronic cough (bronchiectasis since babyhood) and were worried it might er..split open (yuk - sorry!) and so they fastened the incision with clips/clamps. It wasn't a pretty result but has faded with time.

(Thanks! It's good to be back).

Jay said...

HAhahaha! There's famous now! You have the longest one, and it's been kept!! I would demand visiting rights, if I were you! LOL!

Geri Atric said...

Hi Jay ~ Do you think I should ask for viewing Royalties?!

Hope you had a great holiday. I'll be popping over soon to read all about it..