Aug 13, 2009


Hmm... just logged on to read world news - and found 'Windows Defender' industriously downloading 0% of downloads and refusing to allow me to me click it away - as I usually do - to let it get on with its business in private. Have had to sit through umpteen cups of coffee just staring at those little 'yellow shield' and 'fortress' icons, until WD stopped doing what it was not doing and was ready to let me do what I wanted to do!

That's odd..... we now have noise - an insistent beeping, followed by a 'clip-clop, clip-clop'...
There it is again - 'clip-clop, clip-clop'.
Don't think I'm feverish... and haven't overdosed on meds (only coffee). So what can be going on..?

The only explanation I can think of, is that 'Trojan Equine' is loose(!). Now that would be bad! Quarantined that little b***er eons ago. How did he get out?

Perhaps the free Anti-Virus I downloaded almost one year ago (after a mighty fight to dislodge a particularly stubborn paid version of another brand) is losing its grip? Or this might be its unsubtle way of telling me 'one year free is enough already(!)' and to upgrade to one of its paid versions? *Sigh....* why do good things have to end?

There's that beeping noise again....twitch..(me, not the computer).

Oh good grief.... a window is now opening and telling me I haven't done a scan in two days.

Right, that's it. I'm off to watch the news on telly.
Assuming of course they haven't wiped the last decent news channel off in the night. Haven't got round to buying digital yet and my T.V. provider has cut most of the interesting channels out of 'analogue' or 'standard' or whatever it is that I've got.

Still, I know progress is unavoidable and we have to go with the times. So in just two minutes time, Geri will be progressing to the settee with the coffee pot and two slices of marmite on toast!

Now where did I put that remote........


Grannymar said...

These things were sent to try us.. I wish they would try somewhere else for a change!

Geri Atric said...

Hi Grannymar ~ too right! Those computer gremlins are like predators, they sense vulnerability! They threw me off before I could log off. Two red lights suddenly appeared on the modem, and WD stopped doing nothing and announced that it was downloading 11 updates. Have only just managed to log back on.
Am looking forward to popping over and seeing what goodies you have in store today!

Kate said...

Oh Geri - life is difficult enough without all that!!!
Computers eh? just like Marmite - you either love em or you hate them - in your case I think you love em really (just like the Marmite)

steph said...

Well... at least your blog is still working!!!

It could be that your 'puter has decided to age ungracefully like it's owner?

*Steph runs off to hide*

Press OFF on the remote and I might disappear!

Geri Atric said...

Hi Kate ~ Yes, I've heard that about marmite. Lovers and haters. Not sure about the computer though. At the moment I think I might be in the latter group!

Hi Steph ~ Only took three attempts this morning to log on - lots of whirring and groaning noises (and that was just me). I'm contemplating a laptop.

jay said...

Have I told you recently that you need a Mac? No?

You need a Mac, honey. LOL!

Geri Atric said...

Hi Jay ~ yes indeed, I do recall you extolling the virtues of Mac! (Around about this time last year when I was locked in battle with that chap called Norton?)
I shoulda listened then...groan.