Aug 8, 2009


Happily - it is not Swine Flu.
(Although I wasn't tested...)

Unhappily - it is the start of another bout of double pneumonia.
(A secondary bacterial infection. Though secondary to what, I do not know).

But there again, happily - the antibiotics are kicking in and things are slowly improving.
(3 cheers...).

Unhappily though - am not allowed out in the sun whilst taking the antibiotics.

Very happily though - it is an overcast day.

Ha-ha! Last laugh for me! .. (cough, cough...)


Grannymar said...

Poor Geri! You are in the wars again. Hope the auntie whatsits work double fast and you are running about full of beans very soon.

Big virtual Hugs.


Geri Atric said...

Thanks GM! ~ Am raising my glass of Cranberry juice to you - and since that's supposed to have anti-oxidants in it, you could say I'm upping the anti's!!

steph said...

You're so greedy going for double helpings of pneumonia ;-)

Here's upping the aunties to you too!


(funnily enough...the word verification is 'grans' - do you think it's trying to tell us something?)

Geri Atric said...

Hi Steph! ~ I know, I know, always was a greedy little devil, pinching my brothers' sweeties and cakes etc..

'Grans' aye...? Sounds like those pesky, resident gremlins are having a laugh again. But at least (thank goodness) it wasn't a swear word....yet! (gulp)

Kate said...

Ah Geri - you get better real soon!!! Keep taking the drugs - of course its legal there isn't it????

jay said...

Oh for goodness' sake! Haven't you had enough yet? I'm glad you're getting good treatment nice and early, but so sorry that you're suffering yet again! How horrible for you. :(

I hope you feel better soon. Keep drinking the cranberry!

Geri Atric said...

Thanks Kate ~ (Sshh...everything's legal over here)!

Hi Jay ~ Ha-ha! I know it's not swine flu, but are you saying I'm a greedy pig?!

Thanks for the well wishes.
(Hope your shoulders are feeling better today).

Grandad said...

But you ain't one of the 'In Crowd' until you have had the Pig Flu?

Geri Atric said...

Hi Grandad ~ Ah.. so that's what they mean by being un-STY-lish?

Grandad said...


Jay said...

Haha! I guess it could be interpreted that way! LOL!

Are you feeling any better yet?

Geri Atric said...

Hi Jay ~ I'd like to say yes, but it seems to be taking its time - especially the sore throat.
One of my neighbours has come down with it too. We stood croaking to each other this morning, like two broken down old foghorns!
Ah well. All these things are sent to try us and all that jazz...

Kate said...

Hi Geri!

Just popped by to check on you - are you still talking all 'deep and husky' - or, hopefully improving?

Geri Atric said...

Thanks Kate ~ nice to see you!

'Deep and husky' aye? ...mmm.. I like that.
Sadly, it's more like 'croupy and cracky' (think Donald Duck's nephews). That sore throat just won't go away. Grr..!
Happily though, the antibiotics seem to have helped the old bellows a bit.
Am seeing the doc again tomorrow morning.

How are you enjoying your week so far? Still walking on air after your relaxing weekend by the sea?
Hope so!

Tot ziens!(That's 'bye for now, in Dutch).