May 26, 2009


Well it’s three months later now and winter more or less gone, although you never can be sure, as it’s wet and chilly again today in my part of the Neths. - but never mind that, take a peek at the photo …

Those pesky seagulls even followed me to Menorca ! Of course, they could have already been there…(radical thought). This one was particularly persistent in its attempts to dive-bomb my grandson’s lunch.

That’s right folks, after a dreadful cold winter and an eight month list of depleting family maladies ranging from pneumonia, broken bones, ear operations, stomach flu, ordinary flu, continuous coughs, colds and very low spirits all round etc., etc., we (youngest daughter, two small grandsons and yours truly) took ourselves off to Menorca on Dutch Mother’s Day, 10th May, for ten sun filled, recuperating days. Well, eight actually, it rained for two (but even that was warm).

Back home now though, healthy, tanned and relaxed - and hopefully with re-built immune systems!

Bring it on!!!!!


Grannymar said...

A great big welcome home Geri!

Did you bring sunshine home with you, 'cause we have forgotten what it feels like.

I'm delighted you are feeling well and look forward to your adventures.

Geri Atric said...

Thank you Grannymar!

No, no sunshine in my suitcase (though I tried) just an awful lot of sand!

(Just had a peek in GM and see Wise Web Woman has nominated you..?Seems I have a lot to catch up on...)!

jay said...

I'm so glad to see you up and about again! And I'm happy to hear you've had a nice healthy dose of sunshine to brighten you all up, too!

Geri Atric said...

Thank you Jay - yes the sun was wonderful!
...and I've just heard, on the weather news, that all of N. Europe is in for a hot summer this year - so get your shorts out lass!

Kate said...

Oh Geri I was getting quite concerned - but its so good to know you have been to the sun too - its makes things a little better all round I think!
Keep smiling sunshine girl!!!

Geri Atric said...

Ola Kate!

It was great! The Spanish sun was a real tonic and I'm glad to read that you and your daughter enjoyed a wonderful holiday there too.

Hope your arm feels better today!

Kate said...

Hola mi amiga!!!

Yes we had a lovely time - can't wait to go again!!

The arm ? well a bit of a setback this week - the scar isn't healing well in the middle so ...yes I am still using the 'shower sleeve'!!


steph said...

Well, would you look who's out of bed!!!

Welcome back! Geri

That holiday sounded just the ticket for banishing the winter blues.

I live in seagull land. If you ever want to share your lunch with a seagull again, come see me!

Stay well!

Geri Atric said...

Thanks Steph! Yes have finally managed to join up with the world again.

Thanks for the offer of seagulls, one or two would be fine, but..er...well...it's just the way they wait until there's a whole bunch of them overhead and then land one by one and creep ever nearer, silently encircling you, that gives me the willies!

Look after yourself Steph and all the best for the coming week(s).