Jan 7, 2009


There should be a breathtaking, winter wonderland photograph of my latest walk in the park, set right here, in the middle of this page…. however, there obviously isn’t… mutter.

Instead, my recently acquired, first ever digital camera, kindly given to me by my son-in-law, is informing me that it is full to bursting (with Christmas pics) which means that all the lovely New Years photo’s I took, depicting silver white Jack Frosted trees; dogs rolling delightedly on icy white grass; people clutching for dear life onto lampposts and ducks slipping and sliding comically on frozen ponds, were not recorded at all!

Technology is still taunting me…

Ah… there appears to be a drawing of a dustbin, situated bottom left on the camera screen. So I’m assuming that’s where the ‘old’ photographs of feasting family members must be thrown…Have fortunately recently mastered camera to computer downloading or uploading (?) so Christmas 2008 is preserved for posterity – but had not realized you also have to remove the pictures from the camera afterwards, to stop it getting ‘full’. Well, well. I thought they just sort of ‘dissipated’ into some eternal memory bank, or something… but apparently not.

Right…so how to proceed? Geri’s usual m.o. when faced with a new technological challenge is to ignore the incomprehensible, geek talk ‘instructions’ and press every button in sight. And when that doesn’t work, mutter unutterable words and weep with frustration!

However this year, things will be different. Think first and then act is my new resolution. So have laid the camera carefully down, put the kettle on for a nice hot cuppa and am about to rummage for brain food: - i.e., chocolate (!).

Hey-ho, off we go then… slurp, chomp, press, click… this should only take me about a week to learn. And then of course I shall have to go and take more photographs - but by the look of it the frost will still be here! Brrr...!

Wrap up warm everyone! Unless of course you live in a hot climate, then that would be just plain daft....


Anonymous said...

orning Geri,

When you are adding the photos to the computer do you have an option to copy them or to move them?

When you 'copy', the originals stay in the camera.

If you 'move' them, then the camera should clear for your next adventure.

Go easy on the ice - save it for the G&T!

Geri Atric said...

Hello Grannymar!

Thanks for the tip. I have not noticed a 'copy' or 'move' option -but then that probably doesn't mean anything more than that I haven't looked properly(!)
When I plug the camera into the computer, I just click the 'download from camera' choice; then 'choose a file name' etc.. and its all over in a jiffy.
I'll keep my eyes peeled for the 'move' option when I try it again.
In the meantime, I've discovered how to work that dustbin icon on the camera and am deleting the backlog - one at a time...groan.

LOL ! Good advice for the ice.

Anonymous said...

Frustrating, isn't it? I am forever forgetting to put the card back in, after transferring files, so I miss that really great shot because the camera beeps and tells me its internal memory is full.

Do you have a PC or a Mac? It's easier on a Mac, I think. You should also have the option of single/multi/all delete on the camera.

Maybe it's time to read the manual? LOL!

Geri Atric said...

Good morning Jay!

I have an XP PC. which I have taught myself (like most of us I suppose) through trial, blunder and error, to use.

However, with my new years resolution to 'look before leaping' and Grannymar's tip to look for a move/delete option in mind, I have deleted all the photos on the camera one-by-one, taken a test photo and plugged the camera in again and low and behold(!) discovered an unchecked box at the bottom of the 3rd instruction window, with: 'Delete pictures from my device after copying them', written next to it!

Yay!!!! Never noticed that before.

Have also discovered a 'delete all' choice on the camera Jay, but it doesn't seem to work... and
unfortunately the camera manual appears to have been swiped by the 'house ghost', which is always hiding things... I'd love to find its stash. Its still got one of my winter boots hoarded away somewhere.
(This is a nut house).

Take care of your shoulder and have a good day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Geri
Oh dear this did bring back memories - I've been confused before!!!!
It sounds like you are 'getting there' now though so I will look forward to some good photos.
Talking about ice - you should have seen our greyhound sliding all over the place - I got quite worried with those long spindly legs.... now Max (mad cat) took one look and crawled back to bed with a look of disdain!!
Keep smiling!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Geri

If it's any consolation, you're vastly more technologically advanced than I am. I'm spoilt for choice with three 'techies' in the house so whenever I need a helping hand, I just plead hopelessness and luckily, I've got away with it. So far! I dread the day when one of them says "it's time you learnt how to do it yourself".

I treated myself to a new iron yesterday and felt compelled to read the instructions as it seems, irons are no longer something you just heat up and use! I wonder if it'll answer me back when I start swearing at the ironing?

Geri Atric said...


Yes, slowly and surely getting there. Unfortunately most of the ice has melted, so no winter wonderland photo's again this week I fear..

Bless those animals of yours! I can just imagine your greyhound's Disney, Bambi like antics - but Mad Max definately has the best idea!

HI THERE STEPH - Three techies? Wow! Use them for all they're worth!

Oh my, a new iron...you're right, they're not what they used to be. Still yours might be OK if you treat it kindly. Be careful what you say to it though. My last one got sulky and refused to make steam and when I swore at it, it began dishing out electric shocks!
Eventually replaced it with a (surprisingly hard to find) cheap non-steam, simple dial, no frills, no chip variety - plus plant sprayer to dampen the clothes. Works a treat!

Anonymous said...

Glad you figured it out, Geri!

There's a little something for you over at my place. :)

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Geri Atric said...

Hello Dr. Rutledge ~ Welcome to Ageing Ungracefully and thank you for your kind request to feature me (my blog) on Wellsphere!

Please feel free to use any of my blog postings if you feel they could be beneficial to the Wellsphere Senior Health Community.