Dec 18, 2008


What is going on across the road I wonder…?

Awoken abruptly from restless slumber at 7.30 a.m., to the jarring thunder of heavy trucks beeping backwards and forwards just meters from my windows – and then just as suddenly they were gone again - and there it is.
What is it?

But as the sky lightens, all is revealed. It is the Time Lord himself, in his flying loo! Quite obviously the Tardis is in for a refit - and this is the good Doctor’s brilliant compromise: A pre Christmas Day shopping visit to The Netherlands, in a flying Water Closet (in ‘loo’ of his planned appearance on British Christmas Day prime time telly! Ha ha)!
Makes sense to moi. But then, I’m on strong medication.

On second thoughts, that heap of dirt just visible next to the object, could well be the first tentative step by Dutch authorities to construct The Neth’s first mountain… Wow!
Dykes we have - ahem, in all shapes and sizes – but no mountains – and this W.C. cubicle is intended to accommodate the floods of tourists, shortly to ascend and plant flags on this newest world wonder!

Oh Glory. I could open a snack bar hatch in my panoramic window – and become famous for green sludge lentil Omega Brain Revitalizing soup! There’s still a batch in the freezer, left over from July: (Ref. posting July 1, 2008. 'Omega Oh My!').

However – and more sobering - the sudden appearance of an army of workmen armed with spades and fluorescent orange coats, also suggests that the local ‘Bods That Be’, have finally decided to landscape the large muddy area between two recently renovated blocks of flats.
A week before Christmas? Ach! (Derisive dutch throat clearing sound).

Think I’ll crawl back into bed. You never know, the camera might have lied (still learning how to upload it) and this might just be another drug induced dream, from which I’ll awaken in an hour or two to the aroma of scrambled eggs, toast and coffee, prepared by Russell Crowe (or Johnny Depp), in a plastic pinny!


Anonymous said...


Keep taking the pills!

Now mind yourself at that window, you may not have Russell Crow or Johnny Depp, but you sre sure to see plenty of builder's Butt! :D

Anonymous said...

I love your optimism - now if it was happening here I just know it would mean the water for the village was going off for hours and that we all had to share that portaloo!

Geri Atric said...

I will, I will Grannymar, thank you!

Builder's Butt hey? More 'cracks' on the horizon? LOL! Ow! (But less 'ow' than yesterday).

Kate ~ O.M.G.!EEOOUUWW! Never thought of that scenario, but if this object really is the good Doc's replacement vehicle, it should hopefully be as big as a house on the inside...? Or maybe not. Oh lor', let me just try out the taps....

Anonymous said...


No need to worry unless that 'loo' has changed location when you next look.


I'd stay under the covers if I were you!

Geri Atric said...

Hi Steph ~ Oo-er, hope it doesn't (come nearer), but if it tries, I'll set the wheelie bin on it (that's always ready for 'scraps')!

Anonymous said...

Ah ... the power of strong painkillers! I'm just coming slowly off mine, and noticing the difference! Yes, thanks, the shoulder is improving - the bruising is almost gone and I had a whole 7 hrs sleep one night! Yay!

I agree - looks like the Tardis is in for repairs and the good Doctor has the use of a courtesy .. uh .. box. LOL!

"I’ll awake in an hour or two to the aroma of scrambled eggs, toast and coffee, prepared by Russell Crow (or Johnny Depp), in a plastic pinny!"

I know which I'd choose!! I'll take Johnny - and forget the breakfast! I bet he looks rather fetching in a plastic pinny. Mm. Shades of Gilbert Grape! . ;)

Hope you're feeling better!

Geri Atric said...

Hi Jay ~ Glad to hear you are feeling so much better - and 7 hours sleep too, that's great!

Gilber Grape eh..? Didn't that end in a house fire? On second thoughts, perhaps it would be better to keep Johnny away from the gas stove and just have him stroke our fevered brows! (Sans scissors!).

Have a wonderful Christmas and healthy 2009!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Geri, indeed it did! Well done! But also the trailer. I'd swap the house for the trailer, too!

Have a great Christmas yourself - and try not to catch any more bugs!

How are the ribs?

Geri Atric said...

LOL! You sound nice and 'up'!

I had a peek at your own 'opiate' weaning program earlier on and am most impressed. Good luck with it!

The old ribs are knitting nicely, thanks. Still need a 'happy pill' at bedtime and sometimes during the night (can't lay flat, and the ouchy cough comes back more at night) but am generally feeling a lot better.

Keep smiling!

Anonymous said...


Here's wishing you good health and a 'cracking' good time in 2009.

Hope your recovery continues well?

With ever so gentle hugs
Steph x

Geri Atric said...

Thanks Steph - and a very Happy New Year to you too!