Aug 5, 2008

A, E, I, O, U

Fnlly gt th cmpter fxd - nd nw th kybrd's 'n th blnk!

S**m t hv lst th vwls..... Hd thm lst wk, bt tht ws bfr tkng th lttrs 'ff t' cln th d*rn thng...

Frst th m**s* f'll t bts - 'nd ' cldn't pt 't bck tgthr gn. Ws 2 wks wtht hlp, bt hpply, Sn-n-lw fnlly fxd 't... bt nw ths.......

Whr.. r.. my..vwls?!!


Anonymous said...

H*ll* G*r*!

* th*nk *'v* c**ght wh*t y**'v* g*t!

*t's * n*sty v*r*s *sn't *t

*s th*r* * r*m*dy f*r my b*w*ls, * m**n my v*w*ls!

G**d t* s** y** b*ck btw

Geri Atric said...

LOL! Hi Steph, good to be back.
Have re-cleaned allthe letterswith metholated spirits (hic) and that seems to have done the trick, exceptfor a new problemwith the spacebar, whichnow keeps getting stuckdown.
(I wouldn't try the meths as a remedy for your bowels(!) At least not ifyou're a smoker...aagghh!)

Anonymous said...

LOL! Try turning the thing upside down and beating it with a stick till all the crumbs fall out, or it screams for mercy.

I don't know why mine is still working actually, the number of meals I've eaten over it. ;)

Geri Atric said...

Hi Jay - good idea (!) and in fact that has alwaysbeen my m.o. too - untilrecently, when a friend told me the keys were removable... and ever since then (and I'm not fibbing!)the spacebar reallydoes keep getting stuckdown!
It'llprobably work itself lose again with use. Hope so, because like you, I'm not giving up mykeyboard meals!