Jul 14, 2008


I don’t know what it is – and maybe it is nothing more than coincidence or fate – but every time I seriously consider somewhere as a potential holiday destination, whether the country of my dreams is near or far, something very unhealthy happens there!

Sudden riots, crippling strikes, terror acts, a spate of tourist kidnappings, or some kind of natural catastrophe, have all taken place within the last few years in countries on my holiday list. Now while I don’t blame myself for these happenings, it has sort of unnerved me. So my next holiday destination will remain a strict secret. In fact, even to myself I shall only refer to it as ‘that holiday place I am not going to until I get there’.

O.K. so now I am being silly – and am also surprising myself at how superstitious (and paranoid) I sound! Still, this time I am not taking any chances. So shhh… ! All I will say is that it is a volunteer project in a very faraway from Europe land and will take me a couple more years to save for the ticket (to that holiday place I am not going to…)

In the meantime, I don’t know about the rest of Europe but the sun has actually condescended to shine its haughty face on us water logged Dutch and so I shall remove the bright yellow cling film that I put on my windows and sunglasses last week to cheer myself up - and toddle off to the shops!
Happy holidays to everyone, wherever you are – and I promise not to come and join you!


Anonymous said...

How was the party?

Hsppy non holiday ;)

Geri Atric said...

Hi grannymar - the party was lovely but the rain flowed faster than the beer so the beach BBQ was cancelled. We ended up in a restaurant but still had a good time.

Thanks for the happy non holiday wishes! LOL!

Anonymous said...


Send some of that sunshine our way, please!

We're having our own natural catastrophe here with endless rain.

Enjoy 'that holiday place' when you do finally get there. Sounds exciting!

Geri Atric said...

Hi Steph - I'd love to send you sunshine but its gone in again(!). This is the worst summer ever. Wet and grey again today here in Holland.
I'm still saving for that faraway 'volunteer work holiday in the place whose name I dare not speak' but if Europe's weather carries on like this, I may just chuck away my passport when I get to 'the place I'm not going to' and not come back again!

Anonymous said...

That's funny! Let me know where you are going next year, it'll come in very handy when I plan mine. As in, Places Not To Go To. LOL!

I hope you break that run of bad luck soon!

Geri Atric said...

Hi Jay - welcome to my whacky world!
Not to worry yet. I'm still saving for this wonderful holiday I'm not going on - but I'll post a warning on the blog straight after I've booked it! Give you all time to run like blazes in the opposite direction..hee hee!

Anonymous said...

Dear Geri,

Not being able to do without my websites whilst on holiday, visited yours and.....Please don't come to the Pacific South West coast of Canada for the next few weeks!!

Geri Atric said...

Hi bfb - LOL! So that's where you are (?!) All right, I promise not to come!
Have a wonderful holiday and safe journey home again.