Jun 16, 2008


I was messing about in the background and Technorati told me to create this test post to start a ball rolling and release spiders...oo-er..

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Something is happening...


Oh 'eck, something's gone wrong again. Have just claimed my blog at Technorati and everything went like a dream (which should have warned me!) and then I came to the part that offered me a wonderful new widget, showing rank, photo, links, tag cloud etc., and so I edited and saved my choices and copied the code - and tried to place it in the sidebar with an Add an Element Javascript thingy - but my lovely new widget didn't appear. So I've removed the Javascript sidebar Element I pasted it into - and am now wondering if I am supposed to insert the widget code into the actual HTML template....and if so, where exactly?

Oh lord, off we go again! Looks as though I'll be trawling all of Technorati's FAQ pages, as well as posting SOS's out all over the web for the rest of the day..HELP!..

If there is one thing I've learned though since starting this blog, it is that preparation is nine tenths of success, so I've put the kettle on for a large pot of very strong tanin and am about to nip out and stock up on brain food: i.e., chocolate (!) - what else?! See ya!


Anonymous said...

Well you got the priorities right - tea & chocolate first!

Geri Atric said...

LOL! As in take them first as a stimulant to success, rather than afterwards as a comfort for failure. I'm learning!

Anonymous said...


I clicked on this post because I thought it said "More midget woe".

Geri Atric said...

Right. Have you an empathy with midgets declan? There are a few 'gremlins' in my computer you are welcome to!