Jun 19, 2008


Birds of a feather are all of a dither! A recent television program revealed a male osprey flying back to the nest with his prey and proceeding to tear strips of it and feed them to his young. So what’s wrong with that? Well, that’s what I thought but the commentator almost fell out of his tree! This is obviously big news. Evolution gone haywire.

Apparently male ospreys just don’t do that sort of thing. His job is strictly to bring back the prey, dump it, screech at the wife how wonderful he is - and then fly off and hunt for more.
In her turn, Mrs. O. will screech back at him that he’s nothing special, fluff herself up a bit and proceed to stuff bits of fish down her children’s monstrous throats. And now here she is, this poor creature, all ruffled and perplexed and out of a job! Cast aside like last year’s feather duster.

I strongly suspect the hand of human technology - as in the human birth control pill - in this evolutionary quandary. In my opinion ‘the pill’ has finally polluted the ground water to the extent that the evolutionary perfected Mr. Osprey, has been tipped over the edge into his feminine side!

This is just the beginning. Mark my words. I would not be at all surprised if one day all male birds are behaving like Mr. O. - and from there, it is just a short evolutionary step to male birds with moobs*.

In fact that future scenario might not even be ‘strictly for the birds’. As ground water everywhere becomes even more contaminated with estrogen, it might be that eventually all species will become androgynous …? Caw! (I mean Cor!) The mind boggles....

Think I’ll leave further discussion on that topic to the experts.
I’m off to feed the ducks.... and drakes.

* male boobs.


Anonymous said...


Perhaps Mrs O was suffering from a bit of post-natal depression and just needed a helping hand (beak) for a while!

Geri Atric said...

Eggstreme stress? Yes, that sounds like a good eggsplanation!

flirting with disaster said...

you're absolutely hilarious

Geri Atric said...

fwd - thanks! Welcome to the nest.

Anonymous said...

Just goes to show what the so-called experts know.

On another note, if male birds are to develop moobs, does that mean hens already have foobs (that's female male boobs)?

If so, it's news to me.

Geri Atric said...

Er... good point dc. I expect foobs on hens are as scarce as their teeth (!) But isn't it a fact there is more (ahem) breast meat on female poultry than on the male? Or is that just an old wives tale told to me when I was...six! (It's all coming back..).